7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Can Add More Than A Decade To Your Life
Better health and happiness — I want it, you want it, we all want it.
Healthy habits are the key to a long life.
You know the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s hard to embrace them. Why? Every good habit may be hard to adopt, but you can change that, one simple and consistent habit at a time.
Healthy habits can easily put your health and productivity on autopilot ...
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Alzheimer's and amyloid: "It's time to do something else"

If there is anything more certain than the failure of experimental Alzheimer’s drugs — nearly 300, at last count — it is the immediate reaction of many diehard supporters of the amyloid hypothesis: They insist that idea, which served as the basis for most of those compounds, is still sound ...

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Promising new insight into how coffee compounds can inhibit prostate cancer


A new study, recently presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona, has homed in on two specific compounds in coffee that may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer ...

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Prostate Cancer
Treatment of Prostate Cancer with Natural Therapeutics (PDF)

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