Diabetes: Cinnamon (Dalchini) May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

Cinnamon, or dalchini as we call it in Hindi, is one of the popular spices that can be commonly found in Indian households. Used in various dishes and drinks, this aromatic spice has also been used in many traditional medicines and food preservatives. Moreover, dalchini, or cinnamon is a spice that is known to help manage diabetes and control blood sugar levels

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The AI solution for diagnosing early cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s disease


One of the biggest challenges facing Alzheimer's and dementia researchers today is finding a way to clearly identify patients suffering from the very earliest stages of cognitive decline. New research is suggesting that artificial intelligence could be the key to accurately predicting those patients most at risk of developing Alzheimer's.

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How Gut Bacteria May Be Controlling Your Brain

The gut has made a sudden rise to prominence as an arbiter of overall health. It’s well established that gut bacteria, also known as the microbiome, can influence digestion, allergies and metabolism. But these microbes’ reach may extend much further – into the brain. Conditions including depression and anxiety are now being linked to the digestive system.

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Anti-aging effects of compound in some fruits and vegetables verified in novel new research


New research has revealed that fisetin – a natural flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables – functions as an effective senolytic agent by clearing out damaged aging cells, improving health and extending lifespan.

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20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Yoga

The yoga practiced by most Americans today has little in common with the ancient tradition, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away your mat and leggings.

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