Science Says Drinking Coffee Helps People Slow Aging, Lose Weight and Literally Cheat Death ...
People have been drinking coffee since at least the 15th century, and it's been a staple of the workplace for more than a century. But it's only fairly recently that science has explained some of its incredible health benefits.
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Can Learning a Foreign Language Prevent Dementia?
You may have heard that learning another language is one method for preventing or at least postponing the onset of dementia. Dementia refers to the loss of cognitive abilities, and one of its most common forms is Alzheimer’s disease. At this time, the causes of the disease are not well understood, and consequently, there are no proven steps that people can take to prevent it. Nonetheless, some researchers have suggested that learning a foreign language might help delay the onset of dementia.
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Lifestyle Factors Are the Best - and Only - Bet Now For Reducing Dementia Risk
Samuel Gandy became an Alzheimer’s disease researcher in part to help his own family. He watched his mother spiral downward as she lost her memory and then her ability to care for herself.
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What is your brain doing while you sleep?
For most of us, switching off the light and curling up in a warm, cosy bed is the welcome reward for a good day done (or much-needed respite from a bad one).
But not everybody can soak up their allotted hours in joyful slumber before the alarm goes off. In fact, according to the Mental Health Foundation, it is estimated that 20 per cent of adults suffer from some form of insomnia, while many more of us experience issues like sleep walking, sleep apnoea and night terrors.
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