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Living With Diabetes During COVID-19: How DO YOU Protect Yourself?
While the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our days and lives in unexpected ways, for some among us, the threat from the illness could be bigger and more severe. Older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19.
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Here’s Why You Should Be Drinking Plenty Of Water During The Coronavirus Lockdown
So here we are, sitting in our homes surrounded by our snacks, and many of them aren’t very healthy. Sugar looms large in the lockdown. To help manage the effects of that sugar, there’s an important habit we should adopt if we’re not already doing it: drink plenty of water.
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Auckland scientists make world-class breakthrough which could help treat dementia
New research has discovered that the star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes play a critical role in controlling blood flow in the brain. 
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New Caregiver And Brain Stimulation Studies For Alzheimer's Dementia
The nation’s lead government agency for Alzheimer’s research is looking for a few good men and women. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is reaching out across the country to find individuals interested in volunteering for research on Alzheimer’s, related dementias and cognitive health, including drug, caregiver and brain stimulation studies.
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3 Old-School Methods to Fight Dementia, Proven by New Studies
With no cure available, the progression of dementia can feel inevitable. As memory and personality fade into a complicated jumble of proteins, brain cells, and genes, is there any way to regain control? A growing body of research suggests it's possible.
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New research on mice reveals how sleep make the brain forget things
Exactly how the brain forgets unnecessary memories has long been unclear. Now a beautiful and rather exhaustive series of studies offers a clue.
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Science Says Drinking Coffee Helps People Slow Aging, Lose Weight and Literally Cheat Death ...
People have been drinking coffee since at least the 15th century, and it's been a staple of the workplace for more than a century. But it's only fairly recently that science has explained some of its incredible health benefits.
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Can Learning a Foreign Language Prevent Dementia?
You may have heard that learning another language is one method for preventing or at least postponing the onset of dementia. Dementia refers to the loss of cognitive abilities, and one of its most common forms is Alzheimer’s disease. At this time, the causes of the disease are not well understood, and consequently, there are no proven steps that people can take to prevent it. Nonetheless, some researchers have suggested that learning a foreign language might help delay the onset of dementia.
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Living With Diabetes During COVID-19: How Do You Protect Yourself?
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Scientists have created a drug that prevents Alzheimer's in mice by boosting levels of a protein
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From depression to dementia, inflammation is medicine’s new frontier
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